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Fitted with or involving the use of two threads or wires.

bi·fi′lar·ly adv.


1. (General Physics) having two parallel threads, as in the suspension of certain measuring instruments
2. (Electronics) of or relating to a resistor in which the wire is wound in a loop around a coil, the two leads being parallel, to reduce the inductance
biˈfilarly adv


(baɪˈfaɪ lər)

furnished or fitted with two filaments or threads.
bi•fi′lar•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.bifilar - having or using two filaments; "a bifilar suspension of a waving part of an instrument"
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Manufacturing and testing of MCP 2212 bifilar coils for a 10 MVA fault current limiter.
The EF-couplers enabled fast installation due to the bifilar design.
Various bifilar winding patterns are used to overcome this, including Ayrton-Perry winding, which consists of two separate wires wound in opposing directions around the core and connected in parallel at the ends.
REDUCED THICKNESS -- AKS patent-pending bifilar coil design keeps the assembly thickness down to 0.
This result is based on bifilar micrometer data performed in red light.
Iqbal, "Design of circularly polarized omnidirectional bifilar helix antennas with optimum wide axial ratio beamwidth," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol.
QHA can be seen as consisting of two pairs of bifilar helix antennas which are placed orthogonally in space and fed in with the same amplitude and quadrature phase.
The solution process followed the wind tunnel tests in reverse, with a full configuration for the S-92A hub initially, followed by removing the beanie, pushrods, scissors and serves, swash plate and bifilar in consecutive runs.
Nagatsu, "Microwave circular polarizer based on bifilar helical particles," Problems of Physics, Mathematics and Technics, Vol.
It has been measured using static biased method with bifilar
The traditional method is to use a bifilar micrometer, which has two very fine screws to move spider's webs across the field of view of the eyepiece by known amounts.
When a 1/2 turn, 1/2[lambda] QHA antenna is operating in space mode the current distribution on the bifilar is such that it has current maxima at the centre of radial sections and current minima at the centre of helical sections [8].