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Having a combination of features or qualities of two distinct forms.

[Latin bifōrmis : bi-, two; see bi-1 + fōrma, form; see form.]


(ˈbaɪˌfɔːm) or


having or combining the characteristics of two forms, as a centaur
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Adj.1.biform - having or combining two formsbiform - having or combining two forms; "a biform crystal"; "the biform body of a mermaid"
formed - having or given a form or shape


Composed of two parts or things:
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Even though it has the biform monster at its centre, this is not a labyrinth as mythical threat, but a labyrinth as mode of contemplation, and as metaphor for life itself.
He examines a core imputation with variable bargaining power, introduces bargaining power biform games, sketches a theory of intertemporal cooperative games, and closes with a theory of enterprise.
final-weak form; the second, seemingly exclusive to Akkadian (the Jewish Aramaic biform caryil may be influenced by the Akkadian; see already Landsberger, "Nomina des Akkadischen," 15 n.
G&E: 861-862) Sone so it was lith of day, Grim it under-tok [thorn]e wey (H: 663-664) And at [thorn]e croiz, [thorn]at he biform lay, Si[thorn]en yede grotinde awey.
12) He must retrace the path marked from and leading back to his nominal origin; his biform name is both linguistic origin and anatomical destiny in the pool.
SUBTLE," set in Photo-Lettering's Dave Davison Epanoul Biform 3, serves as an example.
The element n, including its biform -na, is reflected in forms such as Ge'ez zentu (ms) and Aramaic 'illen (cp) and dna (ms).
With regard to the fascinating cases of what is called the biform (pp.