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1. Having two functions: bifunctional neurons.
2. Chemistry Having or involving two functional groups or binding sites: bifunctional reagents.
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1. having two functions
2. (Chemistry) relating to two functional groups
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(baɪˈfʌŋk ʃə nl)

Chem. having or involving two functional groups.
bi•func′tion•al•ly, adv.
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VAL-083 (dianhydrogalactitol) is a 'first-in-class', bifunctional, DNA-targeting agent that introduces inter-strand DNA cross-links at the N7-position of guanine leading to DNA double-strand breaks and cancer cell death.
Disadvantages associated with the utilization of chelating resins have led to increasing efforts towards adoption and development of other effective alternative technologies such as dual mechanism bifunctional polymers (DMBPs).
A novel bifunctional product, it contains a mixture of unique anti-PD-1 and anti-CTLA4 monoclonal antibodies produced by a single cell line via the company's proprietary MabPair technology.
Activation of bacterial strains: Agrobacterium LBA4404-ElectroMAX[R] cells (transformed with bifunctional BinRD29A or pCAMBIA1301 plasmids) were cultured in 25 mL of liquid Luria-Bertani (LB) medium (10 g/L triptone, 5 g/L NaCl, 5 g/L yeast extract) containing the appropriate antibiotics and allowed to grow for 48 h at 28 [degrees]C with 160 rpm agitation according to Solis-Ramos, GonzalezEstrada, Nahuath-Dzib, Zapata-Rodriguez, & Castano (2009).
Merck KGaA and GSK have entered into a global strategic alliance to jointly develop and commercialize M7824 (bintrafusp alfa), an investigational bifunctional fusion protein immunotherapy that is currently in clinical development, including potential registration studies, for multiple difficult to-treat cancers.
M7824 is an investigational bifunctional fusion protein immunotherapy that is currently in clinical development, including potential registration studies, for multiple cancers.
[5] studied the effect of bifunctional initiators on vinyl acetate polymerization to produce branched polymer at lower temperature, but no branching was recorded for polystyrene produced with the same initiator.
aeruginosa isolates recovered from urinary tract, trachea and wound.22 However, rare production of phospholipase C was observed in vitro by Tielen et al.20 The virulence factor exoS is a bifunctional toxin with both adenosine diphosphate ribosyl transferase (ADPRT) activity and guanosine triphosphate-ase (GTPase) activating protein (GAP) activity.21
'The results we've seen to date will enable us to target those tumors and settings with the highest potential to impact people living with cancer, as we move into the next stage of our development program with this bifunctional immunotherapy.'
The bifunctional profile of AT-121 not only gave effective pain relief without abuse potential, it also lacked other opioid side-effects that patients typically struggle with, such as itch, respiratory depression, tolerance and dependence.
A personalized engineered autologous tumor cell vaccine was created incorporating rhGM-CSF DNA for enhanced antigen presentation and bifunctional shRNAfurin, which inhibits endogenous immunosuppression.