big talk

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big′ talk′

exaggeration; bragging.
References in classic literature ?
The king and the headmen made big talk, and it was agreed that we would take the schooner in two or three days.
By and by, the schooners full of copra and beche-de-mer and our trees empty of cocoanuts, the three skippers and that mate called us all together for a big talk.
Now I don't care that [snapping her fingers] for your bullying and your big talk.
The two filmmakers who have their own retrospectives at IFFR 2018, Artur AaAaAeAe[c]mijews and JosAaAaAeA@ Celestino Campusano, will also give separate Big Talk
He has overseen the restructuring of Big Talk over the past ten years, including BBCWorldwides investment in Big Talk in 2008 and the sale of Big Talk to ITV Studios in 2013.
AMY'S Big Talk is one of over 140 things to see and do at this year's Festival of Thrift, which has a programme carefully planned to offer something for everyone.
Other ways to find out more about retirement planning are by requesting a copy of the Getting the Most out of Retirement guide or attending one of the Big Talk on Retirement events.
Addressing an election rally here, Gandhi said "The opposition, particularly the BJP, are going round the country indulging in big talk but what did their government do when they were in power at the Centre?
Actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are among shareholders who will gain from the sale of Big Talk as ITV continues its strategy of buying up independent film and television makers.
26 July 2013 - British commercial television network ITV plc (LON:ITV) said on Friday it had purchased programmes producer Big Talk Productions for about GBP12.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 26, 2013-ITV takes over Big Talk Productions(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The Big Talk, an event at the Make Business Hub, Dubai, gathered CEOs, entrepreneurs and students to share their expertise, views and success stories as part of the annual entrepreneur competition The Big Start.