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Adj.1.Big-bellied - having a prominent bellybig-bellied - having a prominent belly    
bellied - having a belly; often used in combination
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The eight great polished columns stood up in the dusk like so many huge piles supporting the threatening, crumbling, big-bellied cliffs whose layers were represented by the circular, parallel, waving lines of the balconies of the grand, first and second tiers of boxes.
Their shaggy, big-bellied horse, all covered with snow, breathed heavily under the low shaft-bow and, evidently using the last of its strength, vainly endeavoured to escape from the switch, hobbling with its short legs through the deep snow which it threw up under itself.
Thin his arms were as his legs, and, as Michael first beheld him, he had all the seeming of a big-bellied black spider.
The calm blue waters carpet the horizon, while catamarans and big-bellied freighters quietly sail on.
As if all the white feathers fell from heaven, and all the dark, reptilian members of a sect so contaminated by illness it would take a wet suit to kill a single one-- as if there were no grounds where these two did not play at conversion, illusion, those parlor games in which children are seduced by a coin pulled from the ear, a fish made from the lips, or a buttercup held beneath the fragrant flesh of all that must sooner or later find entrapment inside narrow-barred cages called houses, with big-bellied creatures called men.
And it's not because migrants want benefits - as returning big-bellied Brit holidaymakers, with their car boots stuffed with booze, would like to think.
But he's not just one to make you laugh; the big-bellied lad has a degree from Oxford University, has won the Perrier Award, and has written a best-selling book in the UK titled " Book Of British Common Sense."
are battle trophies, the funerals for those big-bellied white
Where the sheriff, big-bellied as Cupid, didn't see the evidence of
They also make you want to punch the air and pogo in a Sid Vicious fashion, which can be a bit scary when surrounded by big-bellied and bald punks of the over-50 variety.
My concentration span is so obliterated by The Information Overload that when attempting to search online for Tennessee Titans to find out details for tonight's game, I couldn't help but click on the alternative These big-bellied creatures care little about keeping in shape, instead spending their lives stuffing themselves with shrimp and dancing with their monogamous partner in a daily ceremony of loving bonding.
The research was based on the courtship rituals of the big-bellied seahorse, called Hippocampus abdominalis.