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Adj.1.big-chested - marked by a large or well-developed chestbig-chested - marked by a large or well-developed chest; "he was big-chested, big-shouldered and heavy-armed"
robust - sturdy and strong in form, constitution, or construction; "a robust body"; "a robust perennial"
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Roads signs warning of "prostitutes ahead" - showing a big-chested woman in miniskirt and high heels - were put up in the Italian city of Treviso in 2010.
comm where a big-chested mcalled Linda shows ocleavage to her te son and his two pal demea n and unsuitable fo attracted 176 complaiome viewers were ou en Linda pressed he ce to her chest, then s grou b women and a So wh fac The cheeky commercial, mother off her teenage pals, was branded sexist, demeaning to for kids complaints.
On that day, the cheetahs' waistlines were all indented, giving them a big-chested but sleek elegance as they determinedly began a stalk that would not be denied.
When I told her we were going to do some roadside tasks she told me that I needed to understand that she is big-chested and if I asked her to close her eyes and balance she is not going to balance well," the Daily telegraph quoted the deputy as writing in the report.
That big-chested girl off Hollyoaks was the first to bring self harming to everyone's attention.
It just goes to show you that you don't need a convoluted plot, whizz-bang graphics and big-chested heroines to make a compelling, inventive game.
I was quite big-chested then and they all got frightfully excited.
Nolte's Max Hoover is the veteran of the squad, a wheezing, chain-smoking big guy who smashes and bashes his way through any obstacles in his path, perhaps out of guilt that he's been boffing a big-chested babe (Jennifer Connelly) while his trusting wife, Katherine (Melanie Griffith), waits at home with a book (at least it's Hemingway, rather than Hints From Heloise).