big game

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big game

Large animals or fish hunted or caught for sport.

big′-game′ adj.

big game

1. (Hunting) large animals that are hunted or fished for sport
2. informal the objective of an important or dangerous undertaking

big′ game′

1. large wild animals, esp. when hunted for sport.
2. a major objective, esp. one that involves risk.
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Noun1.big game - large animals that are hunted for sportbig game - large animals that are hunted for sport
game - animal hunted for food or sport
حَيَوانات كَبيرَه
divokávysoká zvěř
stór veiîidÿr
divá/vysoká zver
büyük av hayvanı


(big) adjective
1. large in size. a big car.
2. important. a big event.
big game
large animals (usually lions, tigers etc) that are hunted. He hunts big game in Africa; a big game hunter.
References in classic literature ?
Hullo I these are Burke's big-game rifles," said Fisher.
SEVERAL YEARS had elapsed since I had found the op-portunity to do any big-game hunting; for at last I had my plans almost perfected for a return to my old stamping-grounds in northern Africa, where in other days I had had excellent sport in pursuit of the king of beasts.
In those four days he had doubtless passed through more adventures than an African big-game hunter experiences in a lifetime, and yet he covered it all in a few lines.
BOOKS HAVE BEEN WRITTEN, stories have been told and lies have been concocted in an effort to identify the perfect North American big-game cartridge.
Of special note is the chapter on 'The Hunter-Naturalists: Conserving Western Big-Game Animals'.
ARSENE WENGER wants his Arsenal side to prove they are big-game players against Chelsea tonight.
ARSENE WENGER last night warned Arsenal must prove they are big-game players against Chelsea.
Youth hunters play an invaluable role in the future of the sport and in big-game conservation and management efforts, and we stand behind the Boone and Crockett Club's efforts to encourage youth to pursue their passion for the outdoors," said Terry Moore, Leica VP of sport optics.
That's understandable because big-game hunting is still very popular on this continent.
Africa, for instance, is the big-game paradise, hosting about 20,000 hunting safaris annually.
Big Game Xtreme 6 proves to be bigger than ever, with a collection of big-game hunts that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
SATURDAY'S bumper Ricoh Arena crowd and big-game atmosphere has whetted Chris Coleman's appetite for success next season.