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We are believers in the big-heartedness of people in the suburbs who often step in to help strangers in need.
We just wanted to say an enormous thank you to all of you who read the Mirror and believe in what the Mirror stands for - decency, fairness and big-heartedness.
I mean what with our politeness, courtesy, open-mindedness, big-heartedness, sense of humour and compassion, there are so many reasons foreigners must hate us English.
Her big-heartedness and ability not to be bitter despite her friends snagging her boyfriends has made viewers warm to her.
Even today, the less fortunate ones remember the kindness and big-heartedness of Shaheed BB and keep her in their prayers.
Speaking at the eighth annual Atlantic Council Global Citizen Awards, Her Majesty commended Trudeau's leadership and high regard for the values of "openness, generosity, big-heartedness and broad-mindedness." Queen Rania also recalled co-chairing a session on refugees and migrants alongside Trudeau at the United Nations headquarters last year, where he stated that all countries have a responsibility to do more to solve the global refugee crisis.
Highlighting Holly's fundraising effort, Myton Hospices chief executive Ruth Freeman said: "This year alone we need to raise PS8.8million and we couldn't do it without the support of the local community who never cease to astound us with their big-heartedness - but Holly has been exceptionally amazing.
The answer is B, and in case anyone missed his big-heartedness, Trump added that people would not be"dying on the sidewalks" either.
The Female MPAs said it is the big-heartedness of the party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari that the former PPP leader Zulfiqar Mirza had secured Badins seat.
Having gathered a real head of steam, the play's second half truly takes off, with the lack of depth cheerfully overridden by the show's surprisingly successful mix of coarse manners and unstoppable big-heartedness. Aimed squarely at a predominantly female audience, "The Full Monty" looks like a sure thing for producers David Pugh and Dafydd Rogers, whose equally female-focused "Calendar Girls" was a massive West End hit and the U.K.'s most successful tour ever.
And in the hands of such accomplished actors as Hesmondhalgh and Neilson, the Croppers, with all their quirks and big-heartedness, claimed their place in popular culture.
Rose Styron, co-editor of the collection, is to be commended for her big-heartedness in allowing her late husband's turbulent soul to shine forth in all its complicated glory.