bigtooth aspen

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big·tooth aspen

An eastern North American deciduous tree (Populus grandidentata) having ovate leaves with coarsely toothed margins and pale undersides.
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Noun1.bigtooth aspen - aspen with a narrow crownbigtooth aspen - aspen with a narrow crown; eastern North America
aspen - any of several trees of the genus Populus having leaves on flattened stalks so that they flutter in the lightest wind
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Bigtooth aspen was the most common species in the 1980s, and also the species that was most heavily browsed and most likely to be recorded as dead (Heinen and Sharik, 1990).
To observe differences in tree-ring width during frost and non-frost years, we used superposed epoch analysis and a t-test to analyze tree-ring data from three coniferous (eastern hemlock, white pine, and red pine) and three deciduous (red maple, red oak, and bigtooth aspen) trees.
Bigtooth Aspen (Populus grandidentata) - Gets its name from its leaves which have large, conspicuous rounded teeth.
American poplars include cottonwood, balsam poplar, bigtooth aspen and quaking aspen.