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Bike shorts are a cool compromise, and they are this year's trendiest style.
Bike shorts are a cool compromise, and they are this year's Asics black silver split shorts PS22 cool compromise, and trendiest style.
The return of bike shorts (to give them their fashion moniker) has been quite the shock to anyone who remembers them from last time they were in vogue circa the early Nineties.
The bride-to-be wore an edgy white ensemble, which included a bralette and bike shorts underneath a beaded see-through fringe dress for the occasion, while her beau looked dapper in a sleek suit, a buzzed haircut, and a brown dress shoes.
The return of bike shorts has been a shock to anyone who remembers the early 90s.
Bike shorts with blazers Chrissy Teigen in bike shorts and a blazer Image Credit: Rex Features
Hop on the of-the-moment trend train (yet stay oh-so comfy) with street-style faves like sporty-sleek bike shorts, a standout jacket and plenty of millennial pink (yep, we're still obsessed).
For studio style inspiration, we're taking a cue from models like Bella Hadid and fashion shows like Chanel's with a trend that's made for dancers: bike shorts. The mid-thigh cut gives you more coverage than a booty short while being less restrictive than leggings or tights.
BIKE SHORTS NOPE, they're not cycling shorts - you're not actually going to do any pedalling in them - bike shorts are what the fashion world has termed the controversial trend which started on the street and has boomed on the runways for spring.
The Princess of Wales was oftentimes ( photographed wearing bike shorts and workout gear while out in public.
Thanks in large part to that pair's combined 144 million Instagram followers, bike shorts got a (we'd imagine) much-longed-for demographic upgrade from slightly out-of-shape, sweaty males trying in vain to slow the aging process to A-list celebrity status.
As the spring 2019 season wraps up, trends like bike shorts, broad shoulders and baby doll dresses are mere diversions.