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1. Nautical
a. The rounded portion of a ship's hull, forming a transition between the bottom and the sides.
b. The lowest inner part of a ship's hull.
2. Bilge water.
3. Slang Stupid talk or writing; nonsense.
4. The bulging part of a barrel or cask.
v. bilged, bilg·ing, bilg·es
1. Nautical To spring a leak in the bilge.
2. To bulge or swell.
Nautical To break open the bilge of.

[Probably alteration of bulge.]

bilg′y adj.
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Noun1.bilges - in a vessel with two hulls, an enclosed area between the frames at each side
bilge - where the sides of the vessel curve in to form the bottom
References in classic literature ?
The inner skin of the gas-tanks comes down to within a foot or two of my head and turns over just short of the turn of the bilges.
Even Fleury who begat it and, unlike Magniac, died a multi-millionaire, could not explain how the restless little imp shuddering in the U-tube can, in the fractional fraction of a second, strike the furious blast of gas into a chill greyish-green liquid that drains (you can hear it trickle) from the far end of the vacuum through the eduction-pipes and the mains back to the bilges.
A cross swell had set in from the direction of Formosa Channel about ten o'clock, without disturbing these passengers much, because the Nan-Shan, with her flat bottom, rolling chocks on bilges, and great breadth of beam, had the reputation of an exceptionally steady ship in a sea-way.
On his knees, he bored through the head of the first cask until the water rushed out upon the deck and flowed down into the bilge.
Dag Daughtry exulted; repeating what he had expressed in the hold, as he bored the last barrel, listened to the good water gurgling away into the bilge, and chuckled over his discovery of the Ancient Mariner on the same lay as his own.
It ain't no use talkin'; bein' brothers to a rich dead man and representatives of furrin heirs that's got left is the line for you and me, Bilge.
All right then; limpid, salubrious: no gush of bilge water had turned it to fetid puddle.
Notwithstanding that its walls were blotched, as if missionary maps were bursting out of them to impart geographical knowledge; notwithstanding that its weird furniture was forlornly faded and musty, and that the prevailing Venetian odour of bilge water and an ebb tide on a weedy shore was very strong; the place was better within, than it promised.
Tenders are invited for Biennial rate contract for Painting Job of Yard 2113-17 1) Scheme Painting of areas of bilges of FER
The haul was allegedly discovered in a seawater tank in the bilges of the vessel following intelligence from the UK and Portugal.
Applications include salt and fresh water immersion service; ballast tanks; bilges and wet void areas; decks and super-structures; and underwater hulls.