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Currently the framing of bilingual education continues to reproduce hegemonic Whiteness that defines English as the White, "standard" variety of English (Flores, 2016) and Spanish as the "standard," conqueror's form of Spanish (Garcia, 2014).
There are other Welsh studies where Dr Enlli Thomas is credited but (I quote) they "reveal little support for a bilingual advantage, either in relation to control or globally.
After a successful pilot program, the Tainan City Government will roll out bilingual menus throughout eight night markets to promote tourism, reported CNA.
Teacher Leadership for Social Change in Bilingual and Bicultural Education
VOT measures were compared in the speech production analysis [p, t, k] in bilingual adults (Portuguese and English).
With districts facing a shortage of bilingual teachers, paraprofessionals present a rich source of candidates.
Denver, CO, October 11, 2017 --( The 14th annual Bilingual and Diversity Career Fair is set to take place in Denver, Colorado on October 12, 2017.
Infants growing up bilingual have the capability to differentiate between the two languages, even when they are as young as 20 months old, a new study published Tuesday by Princeton University found.
In a new study, a team of researchers, including those from Princeton University, reported that bilingual infants as young as 20 months of age efficiently and accurately process two languages.
ABSTRACT: This qualitative case study investigates a fourth grade novice bilingual teacher's repertoire of practice during her first year of teaching.
As a consequence of the relatively few bilingual educators produced nationally and in California, there have been very few empirical studies that have addressed the preparation of bilingual teachers in the United States (Menken & Atunez, 2001).

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