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Noun1.bilingual dictionary - a dictionary giving equivalent words in two languages
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
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The bilingual dictionary compiled by Henrik Barruk (2018) thus fills a void for the Ume Saami community, the members of which have been longing for an accessible dictionary.
This study aimed to investigate how the students improved their EFL writing using a bilingual concordancer or an online bilingual dictionary with their engagement in metalinguistic awareness in the process of text revision.
aACAo Bilingual dictionary to build English language vocabulary and enable the learning of English with the help of one's mother tongue.
As German and English speaking countries are leading the way in solar energy deployment, carbon footprint reduction, and off-grid living, he says, the bilingual dictionary can promote an exchange of new ideas, practices, and solutions in these countries, as well as in other solar-friendly nations around the world that use English as an international language of solar science, technology, and business.
The post Bilingual dictionary reflects Cypriots' common words and memories, authors say appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Compared to the average bilingual dictionary, it is significantly more generous when it comes to dispensing encyclopaedic information.
The next bilingual dictionary was Anthony Richards' An Iban-English Dictionary published in 1981 by Oxford University Press.
Bilingual dictionary, lexicon and corpus will be used to generate and extract translation approaches.
The A-Z of French Food: A Descriptive Bilingual Dictionary, Genevieve de Temmerman and Didier Cbedorge, Editions Scribo, $30, 142 pages, 4,000 entries, pocket-size paperback
Feature vector translation generally presupposes the availability of a bilingual dictionary (Fung, 1998; Rapp, 1999), which is however not the case for many language pairs or domains.

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