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1. Of, relating to, or containing bile; biliary.
a. Characterized by an excess secretion of bile.
b. Relating to, characterized by, or experiencing gastric distress caused by a disorder of the liver or gallbladder.
c. Appearing as if affected by such a disorder; sickly.
3. Resembling bile, especially in color: a bilious green.
4. Having a peevish disposition; ill-humored.

bil′ious·ly adv.
bil′ious·ness n.
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in a bilious or bad manner
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Chances are that pill, if it really was as smart as everyone made out, probably had its feet up somewhere in his pyloric canal munching on the unchewed remnants of a recent steak-bake, while washing it down with lashings of the fizzy pop biliously sloshing away down there.
The two novels are united in their program of denouncing the infernal forces of colonial and postcolonial hegemony and in biliously indicting dominant and totalizing forms of European knowledge networks which continue to produce and reproduce others in the image of the West.
Assemblies of inflatable lungs/choked out of recognizable life/a rebel's reticence to ceasing/ as they cried out to canoes of mercy/rowed through canals of men with guns/as they cried out to the helicopters/ hovering ominously above their beloved communities/as they cried out save my grandmother my uncle/my auntie/ my babies/The repressors of their very movement they implored to find a human ringer/in the biliously murderous waters and even further appeals/ to secret emissaries authoring this snivelling siege of decriminalized killing/they resigned also to cry mercy