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n. bilirrubinemia, presencia excesiva de bilirrubina en la sangre, causando destrucción de eritrocitos.
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Very high aminotransferase values (>1000 U/L) and hyper bilirubinaemia are often observed.
The higher value observed might be due to damage of liver tissue from tissue hypoxia and toxic level of bilirubinaemia (Uilenberg et al., 1989; Jacobson et al., 1996 and Lobetti et al., 1996) resulted from severe anaemia leading to lack of tissue perfusion of oxygen and production of bile pigments.
Liver function test (LFT) showed un-conjugated bilirubinaemia (bilirubin 5.4 mg/dl, un-conjugated 1.2mg/dl) with normal protein and enzyme levels.
Preliminary blood tests were performed and noticed, besides normal bilirubinaemia and slightly elevated values for liver and pancreatic enzymes, anemia (Hb: 9.8 gr/dL) and eosinophilia (22.2%).
A review of published studies suggests that significant rebound bilirubinaemia after discontinuation of phototherapy is rare,'[3,4] although some authors have reported it in 5.1-13.2% of cases.
Substances or factors that may lead to assay interferenc Endogenous substances or factors Exogenous substances * Haemolysis * Test tube additives * Lipaemia * Ethylenediaminetetracetic acid * Icterus (bilirubinaemia) (EDTA) * Monoclonal antibodies * Citrate and auto-antibodies * Sodium fluoride (NaF) * Oxalate * Drugs * Contrast media * Intravenous fluids