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n. bilirubinuria, presencia de bilirrubina en la orina.
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Urinalysis revealed proteinuria and pyuria, no bilirubinuria, and hematuria.
At 87 dpi, horse 1 became icteric and depressed and developed orange urine (bilirubinuria).
Dark urine has been associated with hemoglobinuria [10], myoglobinuria [10], hematuria [7], and bilirubinuria [7, 11], all indicators of liver or kidney dysfunction [7, 12].
Urinalysis showed moderate bilirubinuria. Stool study was positive for Shigella sonnei but was otherwise negative for bacteria, ova, or parasites.
(1-12) In rare cases, patients suffer from bilirubinuria with subsequent cholemic nephrosis and renal failure.
Urine analysis revealed bilirubinuria (+ ++), glucosuria (++), proteinuria (++), ketonuria (++++), isosthenuria and acidic urine pH.
Dipstick testing for bilirubinuria was used as a diagnostic adjunct when a finding of yellow eyes was in doubt.
(3) Some of the key clinical features of cholestasis of infancy are jaundice persisting beyond the age of 14 days, jaundice with elevated serum conjugated bilirubin fraction (>2.0 mg/dl or >20% of total bilirubin), variably acholic stool, dark urine that stain the diaper yellow, bilirubinuria, and hepatomegaly.
However, none of our patients had viral hepatitis and the increased bilirubinuria and uro bilinogenuria observed in the present study cannot be attributed to viral co-infection.
Urinalysis revealed proteinuria, bilirubinuria, presence of rare erythrocytes per field and mild bilirubin impregnation.
In dogs with acute hepatitis, the decrease of the bilirubinaemia to values of 0.85-1.1 mg/dl following apitherapy as compared to 1.9-2.2 mg/dl in medicinal treatment, correlated with the decrease of the ALT activity (36-68 U/l) following the nutritional therapy with the liver protecting product as compared to values of 88-109 U/l following the medicinal treatment, justify the use of apitherapy showing the tendancy to recover, proved also by the normalization of the albuminaemia, bilirubinuria and the activities of PAL and yGT.
The detection of bilirubinuria indicates pathologic conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis and biliary obstruction.