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In his own world he was "Cold-Storage," but down below he was "Big" Bill Totts, who could drink and smoke, and slang and fight, and be an all-round favourite.
The decision at which Bill had arrived with such dramatic suddenness in the middle of Piccadilly was the same at which some centuries earlier Columbus had arrived in the privacy of his home.
I told him I did not know his mate Bill, and this was for a person who stayed in our house whom we called the captain.
It was Bill, I fancy--Who's to go down the chimney?
Anyone could see with half an eye that she didn't like the idea of Uncle Martin learning to dance--why, she didn't even like his getting the Victrola--when it was just what both he and Bill had been wanting.
Tough Bill not only paid for the canvas, colours, and brushes, but gave Strickland a pound of smuggled tobacco into the bargain.
Because, Bill, you got such an all-fired pretty wife, that's why.
The agitation for the Universal Colour Bill continued for three years; and up to the last moment of that period it seemed as though Anarchy were destined to triumph.
They're after us, Bill," said the man at the front.
Buffalo Bill has been ambushed and badly shot this side of Clayton, and Thorndike the scout, too; Bill couldn't travel, but Thorndike could, and he brought the news, and Sergeant Wilkes and six men of Company B are gone, two hours ago, hotfoot, to get Bill.
The most considerable of the remaining objections is that the plan of the convention contains no bill of rights.
Quite enough, quite, thankye, Bill,' replied the Jew, putting down the glass after just setting his lips to it.