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Noun1.billet doux - a personal letter to a loved one expressing affectionbillet doux - a personal letter to a loved one expressing affection
personal letter - a letter dealing with personal affairs
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The epistle, the billet doux, the old, poetry-laden diary, the ancestral pile of inland letters from my parents to me, the photographs in my old albums-like memory pockets, have the magical skill to transport me to different eras of my life - all of these and more are objects that I am ready to give up my life for.
It's followed by a serving of duck confit with Billet Doux Tea-flavored Mexican mole sauce, sauteed mushrooms and baby potatoes.
"The young ladies are assured, that by sending to the paper mill an old handkerchief, no longer fit to cover their snowy breasts, there is a possibility of its returning to them again in the more pleasing form of a billet doux from their lovers." (11) What we see here is neither a simple expression of need (we need rags to make paper) nor an explanation of technique (this is how we will make paper from rags).
This is an incredible Billet Doux, to post into a Welshman''s home, stating; when the house trembles, expect no benefit.
Wolf's portfolio consists of five brands that address that needs of different women, namely Rosy, Sans-Complexe, Billet Doux, Oups and Jardin Secret.
But, for me, the standout is their own track Blue Billet Doux.
Sunday has the literate Texas/Mexico-border troubadour, Tom Russell, the vibrantly eclectic and entertaining David Wax Museum (who also draws on the vivid traditions of Mexico), Brendan Croker, The Shiverin' Sheiks, Polly & the Billet Doux and John Langford.
They also direct the farming under long-term contracts for 12 acres of vineyards that provide the fruit for their white Bordeaux blend: La Proportion Doree; Chardonnay: Ma Douce, Ma Princesse and Coup de Coeur; Pinot Noir: Coteaux Nobles, En Famille and Joli Coeur; Syrah: Bouquet Garni; Cabernet Sauvignon: Coeur de Vallee and Passionnement, and the Late Harvest Semillon: Billet Doux.
Then Emilie has a brainwave - she can send the billet doux to her mother Maddy, who has been depressed since the breakdown of her marriage.
What's exactly been written on the billet doux has not been disclosed.