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bil·let 1

a. Lodging for troops.
b. A written order directing that such lodging be provided.
2. A position of employment; a job.
3. Archaic A short letter; a note.
v. bil·let·ed, bil·let·ing, bil·lets
a. To lodge (soldiers).
b. To serve (a person) with a written order to provide lodging for soldiers.
2. To assign lodging to.
To be quartered; lodge.

[Middle English, official register, from Old French billette, from bullette, diminutive of bulle, document, from Medieval Latin bulla, document, seal; see bill1.]

bil·let 2

1. A short, thick piece of wood, especially one used as firewood.
2. One of a series of regularly spaced, log-shaped segments used as an ornamental motif on moldings in Norman architecture.
a. A small, usually rectangular bar of iron or steel in an intermediate stage of manufacture.
b. A small ingot of nonferrous metal.
a. The part of a harness strap that passes through a buckle.
b. A loop or pocket for securing the end of a buckled harness strap.

[Middle English, from Old French billette, diminutive of bille, log, from Vulgar Latin *bilia, possibly of Celtic origin.]


(Military) military the activity of assigning soldiers or others to accommodation that is not normally used by them


A. Nacantonamiento m
B. CPD billeting officer Noficial mf de acantonamiento


n (Mil) → Einquartierung f; billeting officerQuartiermeister m
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The billeting assignments for athletes and officials for the 2015 Palarong Pambansa were drawn Friday last week and what the facilities only need are the athletes and officials - 10,000 or so of them - who will vie in the annual multi-sport competition to be hosted by Davao del Norte this summer from May 3 to 9.
I am also particularly interested to know how billeting was done: Did the local bobby decide who went where?
When a unit is preparing to enter a theater of operations, billeting often falls in the "we will cross that bridge when we come to it" category.