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bil·let 1

a. Lodging for troops.
b. A written order directing that such lodging be provided.
2. A position of employment; a job.
3. Archaic A short letter; a note.
v. bil·let·ed, bil·let·ing, bil·lets
a. To lodge (soldiers).
b. To serve (a person) with a written order to provide lodging for soldiers.
2. To assign lodging to.
To be quartered; lodge.

[Middle English, official register, from Old French billette, from bullette, diminutive of bulle, document, from Medieval Latin bulla, document, seal; see bill1.]

bil·let 2

1. A short, thick piece of wood, especially one used as firewood.
2. One of a series of regularly spaced, log-shaped segments used as an ornamental motif on moldings in Norman architecture.
a. A small, usually rectangular bar of iron or steel in an intermediate stage of manufacture.
b. A small ingot of nonferrous metal.
a. The part of a harness strap that passes through a buckle.
b. A loop or pocket for securing the end of a buckled harness strap.

[Middle English, from Old French billette, diminutive of bille, log, from Vulgar Latin *bilia, possibly of Celtic origin.]
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(Military) military the activity of assigning soldiers or others to accommodation that is not normally used by them
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A. Nacantonamiento m
B. CPD billeting officer Noficial mf de acantonamiento
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n (Mil) → Einquartierung f; billeting officerQuartiermeister m
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The Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) will handle the security protocol on the billeting areas for the 63rd National Private Schools Athletics Association (Prisaa) from May 19 to 24 to avoid a repeat of the robbery in the recent Palarong Pambansa.
Likewise, DepEd shall supply the standard technical equipment, materials, and supplies needed for the different sports events according to the specifications prescribed by the Palaro Technical Management and Games Administration Committee (TMGAC), subject to some exceptions; give uniforms for the technical officials and members of the technical management and administration committee who will manage the conduct of the Palarong Pambansa; and provide technical and funding assistance in the preparation, repair, and rehabilitation of billeting schools for the event.
I am also particularly interested to know how billeting was done: Did the local bobby decide who went where?