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A folding pocket-sized case for carrying paper money, small personal documents, and sometimes change.


US and Canadian a small folding case, usually of leather, for holding paper money, documents, etc. Also called (in Britain and other countries): wallet



1. a thin, flat, folding case for carrying paper money and other items.
[1890–95, Amer.]
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Noun1.billfold - a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper moneybillfold - a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money
case - a portable container for carrying several objects; "the musicians left their instrument cases backstage"
مِحْفَظَةُ نُقود


[ˈbɪlfəʊld] N (US) → billetero m, cartera f


[ˈbɪlfəʊld] n (US)portefeuille mbilliard ball nboule f de billard


[ˈbɪlˌfəʊld] n (Am) → portafoglio


(bil) noun
1. an account of money owed for goods etc. an electricity bill.
2. (American) a banknote. a five-dollar bill.
3. a poster used for advertising.
to send an account (to someone). We'll bill you next month for your purchases.
ˈbillboard noun
a large board on which advertising posters are displayed. He stuck posters on the billboard.
ˈbillfold noun
(American) a wallet. a billfold full of dollars.
fill the bill
to be suitable; to be exactly what is required. We are looking for a new car and this will fill the bill.
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This stylish leather passport billfold has spaces for credit cards, boarding passes, and business cards to keep all your critical travel documents in one place.
Embossed Italian leather billfold wallet, PS104.99, wallet is a personal thing.
According to The Billfold, weightlifting as a hobby can cost as much as up to $632/month (around Php33,000).
Because it disguises a gun as a billfold, and the gun can be fired without removing it therefrom, the government considers it somehow unsporting.
WHEN you're at the checkout line this holiday season, you could juggle your bags and dig into your purse or billfold for your credit or debit card.
I ordered a steak and when it was time to pay, Tonypet took out his wallet, a type of billfold, and when he opened it, there was nothing inside.
My 25-yard bench shooting was done over a sandbag with a billfold for a butt rest.
She explains that she went on a date where the man put half the amount in the billfold before sliding it across the table to her.
The low-profile RAIL is an easy to use device housed inside a patented billfold that replicates the traditional leather folio commonly used by full-service restaurants to deliver the guest's check.
Money clip wallets look like conventional billfold wallets, however more slender.
According to Tarleton, the mobile wallet is "the next step in the mobile device becoming the consumer's central nervous system." Eventually, mobile wallets will "replace the entire billfold or purse," she adds.
Still in their denim jeans, which matched their skin tone quite well, Powder and Jimbo salvaged what was left of their wallets, cell phones and fake pictures of pretend girlfriends (the perfect portraits that come complimentary in the frame or with the billfold upon purchase).