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An implement with a curved blade attached to a handle, used especially for clearing brush and for rough pruning.

[bill + hook.]


(Tools) a cutting tool with a wooden handle and a curved blade terminating in a hook at its tip, used for pruning, chopping, etc. Also called: bill


1. a statement of money owed for goods or services supplied.
2. a piece of paper money worth a specified amount: a ten-dollar bill.
3. a form or draft of a proposed statute presented to a legislature, but not yet enacted or passed and made law.
4. a written or printed public notice or advertisement.
5. any written statement of particulars.
6. a written statement, usu. of complaint, presented to a court.
7. Informal. a one-hundred-dollar bill or the sum of one hundred dollars.
9. entertainment scheduled for presentation; program: a good bill at the movies.
10. to send a list of charges to.
11. to enter (charges) in a bill.
12. to advertise (something) by bill or public notice.
13. to schedule on a program: to bill the play for two weeks.
fill the bill, to fulfill a particular need.
[1300–50; Middle English bille < Anglo-French < Anglo-Latin billa, for Late Latin bulla bull 2]
bill′er, n.


1. the parts of a bird's jaws that are covered with a horny or leathery sheath; beak.
2. the visor of a cap.
3. a beaklike headland.
4. to join bills, as doves.
bill and coo, to kiss or fondle and whisper endearments.
[before 1000; Middle English bile, bille, Old English bile beak, trunk; akin to bill 3]



1. a medieval shafted weapon having at its head a hooklike cutting blade with a beak at the back.
2. Also called billhook. a sharp, hooked instrument used for pruning, cutting, etc.
3. the extremity of a fluke of an anchor.
[before 1000; Middle English bil, Old English bill sword, c. Old High German bill pickax]
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Noun1.billhook - a long-handled saw with a curved bladebillhook - a long-handled saw with a curved blade; "he used a bill to prune branches off of the tree"
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting


[ˈbɪlhʊk] Npodadera f, podón m


[ˈbɪlˌhʊk] nfalcetto
References in classic literature ?
Their place was taken by an immense wilderness of bamboo, which grew so thickly that we could only penetrate it by cutting a pathway with the machetes and billhooks of the Indians.
Quasimodo then beheld distinctly surging in the Parvis a frightful herd of men and women in rags, armed with scythes, pikes, billhooks and partisans, whose thousand points glittered.
Wielding an axe and a billhook, Gary is clearly no tree-hugging eco-warrior, but he is well aware of the benefits hedges have on our landscape, and why they are so important.
The accused allegedly attacked him with lethal weapons like billhook and knives causing grievous cut injuries on both of his hands after which he succumbed to his injuries.
Chris used the group's ceremonial billhook to cut the yellow brimstone butterfly designed cake.
| Open winner Dei Williams with his two trophies, including the new Tecwyn Evans Memorial billhook (inset) | The day's judges, Les Hulme, Oakenholt, and Gwynfor Edwards, Tywyn, assess the work | Tecwyn's daughters Carys, Eleri and Eirian share a joke with Open winner Dei Williams during the trophy presentations
Billhook Games is a for profit organization comprised of writers, editors, collaborators, and artists from the Four Corners in New Mexico.
Fiskars now offers a line of clearing implements, including a billhook, a billhook saw, a hatchet, a machete, and a machete axe--all great for clearing out and trimming up anything from brush to branches.
A lean-looking man, suspected to be in his late twenties, wearing a light checked shirt and dark trousers, walked towards her and without any warning began to hack her with an aruval (billhook).
(99) Peter was struck on the head with what is usually characterised as a woodsman'sjalcastrum (100) or billhook, which, in the Legenda Aurea, is described as 'sated' with blood.
I often argue with Leo about who has the better billhook design.