billiard room

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Noun1.billiard room - a room in which billiards is playedbilliard room - a room in which billiards is played
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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"He was talking to Sir Charles ten minutes ago in the billiard room. Men are such conceited fools!"
"I think it is very strange of Gertrude to pass the whole day with Chester in the billiard room," said Jane discontentedly.
"I thought you were in the billiard room," said Agatha.
Erskine heard their footsteps retreating, and presently saw the two enter the glow of light that shone from the open window of the billiard room, through which they went indoors.
From the billiard room next door came the sound of balls knocking, of talk and laughter.
They left the dining-room and, eschewing the inviting luxuries of the billiard room and library, passed into a small room behind, plainly furnished as a business man's study.
The Duke's chef had served an Emperor with honor--the billiard room at Devenham Castle was the most comfortable room upon earth.
The home also has its own library with fitted book shelves and bench seating, as well as a billiard room and an Edwardian orangery.
It's a pretty impressive property in its own right, with a billiard room and an orangery.
Grayhawk Apartments at River's Edge will consist of 244 units in 12 apartment buildings, a clubhouse, billiard room, steam room, sauna room, tanning room, 24-hour fitness center and an indoor kids' playroom.
John added: "It has so many amazing features such as the one-acre garden, the Victorian conservatory and the wooden-panelled billiard room. The garden had nothing in it when we came - I have worked hard on it and put in lots of shrubs and bushes.