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1. An alloy of gold or silver with a greater proportion of another metal, such as copper, used in making coins.
2. An alloy of silver with a high percentage of copper, used in making medals and tokens.

[French, from Old French, ingot, from bille, log; see billet2.]


1. (Metallurgy) an alloy consisting of gold or silver and a base metal, usually copper, used esp for coinage
2. (Metallurgy) any coin made of such an alloy
[C18: from Old French: ingot, from bille log; see billet2]


(ˈbɪl ən)

1. an alloy of gold or silver with a larger amount of base metal, esp. copper.
2. an alloy of silver with copper, used for coins of small denomination.
[1720–30; < French: debased metal]
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