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 (bī-lō′bāt′) also bi·lo·bat·ed (-bā′tĭd) or bi·lobed (bī′lōbd′)
Divided into or having two lobes: a bilobate leaf.
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Adj.1.bilobed - having two lobesbilobed - having two lobes; "a bilobate leaf"
compound - composed of more than one part; "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"
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5 Paraclypei equal to clypeus; 2nd antennae distinctly longer than 3rd; parameral blade apically bilobed, inner spine of blade of paramere less prominent with indistinct ridge .
Objective: To establish that the bilobed flap as soft tissue release component for the radial club hand is superior to the z-plasty technique in type III and IV radial club hands.
0 times as long as gonostyhis and setose; gonostyhis clavifonn, tapering from base to apex, setulose on basal third, glabrous and ridged beyond to apical tooth; posterior margins of cerci and hypoproct evenly convex posteriorly, all 3 subequal in shape, the cerci with several setae ventrolaterally and apically, hypoproct with 3 setae along posterior margin about as long as cerci; parameres longer than hypoproct, covered with elongate, recurved setulae, bilobed, the dorsal lobe short, convex, the ventral lobe longer, larger, projecting dorsally in lateral view; aedeagus glabrous, longer than mediobasal lobe, tapering gradually to apex, the apex convex in dorsoventral view.
Rosetta accompanied Comet 67P for two years, orbiting the bilobed nucleus as it approached and survived its perihelion pass in August 2015 (S&T: Aug.
In this species, the kidneys were described morphologically as pyramidal, with convolutions looking like brain, and when devoid of the pelvis and the urinary bladder, as elongated and bilobed (FARIA, 2003).
Results of the scan revealed an oval, homogeneous, bilobed mass, hyperattenuating and extending from the caudal third of the neck to the left pectoral muscle.
Modified bilobed flap for one-stage earlobe reconstruction: A case report.
Diagnosis--The largest species of Postcopemys based on its brachydont bunodont molars; also bears the following unique character combination: median mure connected to protocone on M1; m1 with a wide and strongly bilobed procingulum; ectolophid and ectostylid on m1 present; mesolophid well-developed on m1, but short in m2 and not extending to the lingual cingulum.
In this patient, SEM represented a bilobed, epidural mass extending from T6 to T8 with extension into the left T6/T7 neural foramen, and caudal extension into the left T8/T9 neural foramen as seen on precontrast CT images.
25-26); phallobase short, with distal bilobed projection on middle dorsally, and basal rounded prominences; sclerotized support of aedeagus curved downward with apex asymmetrical (Figs.