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 (bī-lō′bāt′) also bi·lo·bat·ed (-bā′tĭd) or bi·lobed (bī′lōbd′)
Divided into or having two lobes: a bilobate leaf.
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Adj.1.bilobed - having two lobesbilobed - having two lobes; "a bilobate leaf"
compound - composed of more than one part; "compound leaves are composed of several lobes; "compound flower heads"
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A bilobed liver was extracted and measured 1.54 and 1.52 m in TL length for the right and left lobe, respectively.
Majority of cases are associated with a partial or total hypoplastic right lung, which frequently demonstrates lobar anomalies such as a mono-or bilobed.2 The clinical presentation of this syndrome is variable depending on the underlying defect, similar is the case with age at presentation.
9, 10): valva not furcated and apical part of ampulla blunt shaped; uncus part deeply concave and bilobed; saccus elongated downward and very slender; ductus bursae of female genitalia shorter than corpus bursae (Fig.
The two objects were slowly pulled together by gravity, creating the "bilobed" object with a distinct "neck."
Bilobed flaps and dorsal nasal flaps use nasal skin for reconstruction.
In our patient, left isomerism resulted in the presence of two left symmetrical bilobed lungs, polysplenia, a transverse liver (centrally positioned) and a left-sided stomach bubble (Figs 2-4).
of placenta 46% was round with periphery thinner than centre, only 10% have abnormal shapes like bilobed, trilobed, triangular heart and kidney shaped.
A: Intraoperative image shows the pedunculated, bilobed tumor in the left hypopharynx.
Female abdomen (Figs 2 and 4): Female abdomen elongated, oblong; posterior margin concave in median, bilobed shape; tergal setae obscure; sternal setae one pair at postero-lateral position on sternites III to VI.
Both taxa are well defined: the former presents an apical projection on the first tarsomere of each leg; a large, bilobed structure at the posterior end of the female eighth tergite; no parameres (except in Zalepidota Rubsaamen, 1907); and the denticles of the gonostyli at least partly fused into a solid tooth or teeth.
The prostate is a bilobed structure, encircling the proximal urethra of male dogs.
On peripheral blood smear, APL blasts have a characteristic appearance with abundant cytoplasmic granules, bilobed nuclei, and prominent Auer rods (Figure 1).