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Existence or the ability to exist simultaneously in two places.
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the existence of something in two places at the same time
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(ˌbaɪ loʊˈkeɪ ʃən)

the state of being or the ability to be in two places at the same time.
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Noun1.bilocation - the ability (said of certain Roman Catholic saints) to exist simultaneously in two locations
location - a point or extent in space
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Some examples of these so-called 'anomalous' phenomena or occurrences are bilocation (being in two places at the same time), telekinesis (or mind over matter), teleportation (or disappearing in one place and appearing immediately in another), and materialization (the appearance of a physical object out of nowhere).
This is called bilocation, which is not for everybody.
True Surrender was written, arranged, recorded, mixed and honed over a chaotic three year period of bilocation, the birth of children and a heightened level of personal and professional anxiety - not to mention all of the usual trials and tribulations of the creative process and the artistic battles that are par for the course.
Also known as Martin of Charity, he was blessed with the gifts of healing, bilocation, and the ability to communicate with animals.
He was also endowed with the grace to reconcile people with God, communicate with angels, speak and understand other languages, bilocation (be in two or more places at the same time) and levitation (raise himself from the ground).
I will tell you soon about this fascinating and ambitious undertaking by the East African Kiswahili Commission, which will cover the whole of the East African Community area, from Burundi to South Sudan.One often wishes that one had the gift of bilocation, the ability to be in more than one place at the same time.
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Subjects covered include Akashic records, alchemy, angels, the astral plane, bilocation, consciousness, demonology, meditation, parapsychology, paranormal dreams, past-life regression, anda wide variety of others.
This may include psychic powers such as apportation (materialization, disappearance or teleportation of an object), aura reading, out-of-body experiences, bilocation, etc.
Chapter 6, one of the two chapters of the book devoted to Against the Day, reads the use of conceptualizations about time travel, bilocation or counter-worlds in the novel as illustration of "what the world would be like if different theories and concepts had been accepted by the scientific world" (135).
In chapter six he interprets Pynchon's novel through a series of concepts that show how distorted temporality shape the work: time travel, bilocation, the possibility of the existence of counter worlds, and finally, the use of mathematical analogies.
This attribute gives human beings a vast array of paranormal possibilities: bilocation, divination, metamorphosis, etc" (Zahan 19).