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1. The use of a monetary standard consisting of two metals, especially gold and silver, in a fixed ratio of value.
2. The doctrine advocating bimetallism.

bi·met′al·list n.
bi·met′al·lis′tic adj.
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Noun1.bimetallist - an advocate of bimetallism
monetarist - an advocate of the theory that economic fluctuations are caused by increases or decreases in the supply of money
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At luncheon I saw by the glare in his eye that he was going to propose again, and I just managed to check him in time by assuring him that I was a bimetallist.
The leading bimetallist politician of his day was Representative Richard "Silver Dick" Bland of Missouri, a twenty-year veteran of the cause.
Kemmerer (1914: 374) underlined that the banking system in the United States did not submissively follow the Indian model, and Foxwell (1913: 571) commented on the bimetallist position, on the origins and recent revival of the GES and on the necessity for reform in India.