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1. Having or exhibiting two contrasting modes or forms: "American supermarket shopping shows bimodal behavior—careful, nutritious choices mixed with salty, high-fat snack foods" (Sheryl Julian).
2. Having two distinct statistical modes.
3. Designed for operation on either railroads or highways. Used of vehicles.

bi′mo·dal′i·ty (bī′mō-dăl′ĭ-tē) n.
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(Statistics) the state of being bimodal
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In addition to a balanced programming of the CI and the HA, the stimulation strategy implemented in the CI had impact on the benefits drawn from bimodality. In the present study, the Advance Combinational Enconder or ACE strategy was used for the majority, and the results obtained agree with those published in the literature [16].
Contrast enhancement in dermoscopy images by maximizing a histogram bimodality measure.
Such patients have benefitted from bimodality treatment of TURBT followed by concurrent chemoradiation using Mitomycin and 5-Florouracil.
However these authors report bimodal distribution only in mUPD15 whereas we found bimodality only in the deletion group.
A similar bimodality in locomotor activity, in which the components maintain a 180[degrees] phase difference under constant conditions, occurs in the cockroach Leucophaea maderae (Fabricius, 1781).
A clear bimodality can be observed in the distribution.
Note that this density function is symmetric and is characterized by incorporating bimodality into the normal distribution, which is controlled by the parameter [xi].
Therefore, CEUS is compatible with optical imaging, thereby achieving bimodality imaging by a complementary contrast.
Therefore, the proposed algorithm is suitable for generalization of multimodal recognition beyond bimodality.