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1. Having or exhibiting two contrasting modes or forms: "American supermarket shopping shows bimodal behavior—careful, nutritious choices mixed with salty, high-fat snack foods" (Sheryl Julian).
2. Having two distinct statistical modes.
3. Designed for operation on either railroads or highways. Used of vehicles.

bi′mo·dal′i·ty (bī′mō-dăl′ĭ-tē) n.


(Statistics) characterized by two modes


(baɪˈmoʊd l)

1. having or providing two modes, methods, systems, etc.
2. (of a distribution in statistics) having or occurring with two modes.
bi`mo•dal′i•ty, n.
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Adj.1.bimodal - of a distribution; having or occurring with two modes
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
unimodal - having a single mode
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With diet control, profiles sufficient to fingerprint single person biochemical individuality were observed, and it was discovered that urinary substances are monomodally, bimodally, and even trimodally distributed in the human population at birth.
Perusal of Figure 2 (right) shows that the individual growth curves are bimodally distributed about the fitted line at old age.
1-5) Distal biceps rupture occurs bimodally in the population.
The bimodally expressed microRNA miR-142 gates exit from pluripotency," Molecular Systems Biology, 2015; 11 (12): 850 DOI: 10.
The purpose of this article was to illustrate how to model bimodally distributed utilization using a beta-binomial regression.
Precipitation was bimodally distributed with most falling as snow from January-February, followed by a late summer monsoon (Banner et al.
Precipitation averaged 48-56 cm/year and occurred bimodally in summer as rain and during winter as snow.
Since it has been well known that the frame size is distributed bimodally in LAN, 100 B for a small frame and 1500 B for a large frame are set.
When annual precipitation is limited, but occurs bimodally, individuals apparently are capable of sustaining reproductive investment throughout the relatively short pair of dry seasons each year.
The frequency data for personality types, however, may explain our colleagues' impressions of a bimodally distributed student body.
These data were bimodally distributed and could not be transformed to conform to a normal distribution.