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Noun1.binary file - (computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an applicationbinary file - (computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application; characters use all 8 bits of each byte
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
computer file - (computer science) a file maintained in computer-readable form
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The Nuxeo Platform provides this key functionality by storing each binary file separately from its metadata, which is retained in a SQL or NoSQL database.
Vendor-specific data import modules provide specialized support for many common industry text and binary file formats.
FreeFileSync can copy locked files, perform binary file comparisons, and configure the handling of symbolic links.
When run, the tool extracts seven key attributes from every analysed binary file and compares them to data obtained by running the J48, J48 Graft, PART, and Ridor machine-learning algorithms on a set of 100,000 malicious programs and 16,000 clean ones, Raman said.
a binary file created on a mainframe but read on a PC).
Another Trickledown Stud offering to hit 22,000gns was an Iffraaj colt out of an unraced halfsister to Scandinavian champion Binary File.
In addition, the solutions directly convert PDF documents to the Office 2007 XML as well as the Office 97-2003 binary file formats and include other enhancements related to PDF-to-Office format conversions.
The shortcoming of saving data to a binary file format is that it is not human-readable.
Other features introduced in this version are the capability to read data with missing values, to write and read functions for the new native binary file form, and to string searches with regular expressions.
Instead of having a TEDS binary file in EEPROM on a chip," he says, "we have a sensor partner program.
010 Editor uses a new technology called Binary Templates to separate a binary file into a series of elements.
Binary File may have plenty of weight but it shouldn't stop him taking the Wolferton Rated Stakes (4.