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 (bī-nôr′əl, bĭn-ôr′-)
a. Having or relating to two ears.
b. Having to do with the perception of sound with both ears: binaural hearing.
2. Of or relating to sound transmission from two sources, which may vary acoustically, as in tone or pitch, to give a stereophonic effect.

bin·au′ral·ly adv.
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(baɪˈnɔːrəl; bɪn-)
1. (Anatomy) relating to, having, or hearing with both ears
2. employing two separate channels for recording or transmitting sound; so creating an impression of depth: a binaural recording.
binˈaurally adv
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(baɪˈnɔr əl, bɪnˈɔr əl)

1. having two ears.
2. of, with, or for both ears.
3. (of sound) recorded through two separate microphones and transmitted through two separate channels to produce a stereophonic effect.
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Adj.1.binaural - relating to or having or hearing with two earsbinaural - relating to or having or hearing with two ears; "binaural hearing"
monaural - relating to or having or hearing with only one ear; "monaural deafness"
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Antes de dar inicio a avaliacao propriamente dita, foi realizado um treinamento que consistiu na apresentacao das cinco primeiras sentencas da lista 7B, na condicao de escuta binaural, com proteses auditivas, no silencio.
According to manufacturing company i-Doser, these sounds help you "achieve a simulated experience through the use of binaural audio doses" by "synchronising your brainwaves".
“Their expertise, focus and customer base of speech recognition software resellers is a perfect complement to our monaural and binaural headsets with a USB Quick Disconnect cable.”
Lately I have been listening to binaural beats before going to bed to bring about deep sleep.
Audience members wear headphones throughout the performance in order to experience the production's innovative binaural sound; performers use microphones within their ears, allowing audiences to literally get inside their heads, giving a more exciting and immersive listening experience than in a traditional theatre environment.
Digital drugs, also called binaural beats, are sounds that are thought to be capable of changing brain wave patterns and inducing an altered state of consciousness similar to that effected by taking drugs or achieving a deep state of meditation.
My mates and I have been experimenting with binaural audio.
Geared towards content creators and vloggers, these earphones are capable of immersive binaural 3D sound.
The incredible recordings were captured in Highfield Road's West Terrace, using a technique known as "binaural sound" - similar to the technique used in VR and gaming to produce an effect of hyper-realistic, 360 "surround" sound when listened using headphones.
Binaural normal hearing individuals are consistently accurate in localization, whereas for individuals with hearing loss, there is a reduction in the performance of localization, which might lead to several psycho-social aspects in life, including stress and isolation [1, 2].