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 (bī-nôr′əl, bĭn-ôr′-)
a. Having or relating to two ears.
b. Having to do with the perception of sound with both ears: binaural hearing.
2. Of or relating to sound transmission from two sources, which may vary acoustically, as in tone or pitch, to give a stereophonic effect.

bin·au′ral·ly adv.
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Adv.1.binaurally - in a binaural mannerbinaurally - in a binaural manner; "the stimulus was presented binaurally"
in one ear, monaurally, to one ear - in a monaural manner; "the stimuli were presented monaurally"
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30) The current study showed that potentially lower working memory capacity in the children with APD could be the reason for their inability to segregate and group information binaurally and presumably for their listening difficulties in multisource environments.
In sitting position, the sound stimulus that consists of rare tone (2000 Hz) and frequent tone (1000 Hz) was delivered binaurally through headphone to the patient 340 times at 0.
Testing was conducted binaurally through headphones.
During the priming phase, tones were presented binaurally through headphones.
The instructions were given binaurally in the patient's mother tongue and accompanied by 30-s intervals during which the patient was supposed to perform the task.
The music was presented at 65 dB (Scale C) via small speakers placed binaurally in the incubator above the infant's head.
Earlier studies demonstrated that subjects with normal hearing and hearing loss discriminate a speech signal better binaurally than monaurally in the presence of noise.
In the repetition task, the auditory stimulus was a series of sentences delivered every 5 seconds binaurally through earphones.