bind together

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w>bind together

vt sep (lit)zusammenbinden; (fig)verbinden
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But an experiment by a team of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University has shown that photons can bind together in twos or threes, proof of interaction between them.
Emphasising that the crisis can only be solved through dialogue, Obaid pointed out that the fraternal ties that bind together the Arab world in general and the Gulf countries in particular, are deeply rooted in the shared 'Arab Islamic' identity.
Snaking across the forests, swamps and permafrost of eastern Siberia, Gazprom's 3,000km-long pipeline is inching its way to the Chinese border to seal a $400 billion gas pact that will bind together the world's largest energy exporter and consumer.
"It was a small detail which helped us to bind together, maybe quicker than you would normally bind together as a football team."
Arab News The new test involves using specialized droplets that bind together in a specific way if harmful bacteria are present.
Third-year forward Prince Rivero said they had to bind together as a team to keep their composure together when Ayo got ejected.
I WISH to thank Dennis Lane for his letter "Bind together for common good" (Feedback, 26.03.16).
Their intent is to bind together studies of science, anthropology and culture into one giant dialogue about mountains -- not just the Rockies, but mountains world-wide, said Robinson, one of the initiative's participating faculty.
The study identified the sugar molecule that makes the outer coat of the egg "sticky", which is vital for enabling the sperm and egg to bind together.
Dave Evason, a member of the society, said: "Money from the Big Lottery Fund will help to bind together Henley's community in the restoration of its ecologically important town pond, providing expertise, materials, workshops and talks."
Chip fat instead of tarry bitumen is to be used to bind together Tarmac and fix holes.