bind together

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w>bind together

vt sep (lit)zusammenbinden; (fig)verbinden
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Snaking across the forests, swamps and permafrost of eastern Siberia, Gazprom's 3,000km-long pipeline is inching its way to the Chinese border to seal a $400 billion gas pact that will bind together the world's largest energy exporter and consumer.
It was a small detail which helped us to bind together, maybe quicker than you would normally bind together as a football team.
The study identified the sugar molecule that makes the outer coat of the egg "sticky", which is vital for enabling the sperm and egg to bind together.
Dave Evason, a member of the society, said: "Money from the Big Lottery Fund will help to bind together Henley's community in the restoration of its ecologically important town pond, providing expertise, materials, workshops and talks.
Chip fat instead of tarry bitumen is to be used to bind together Tarmac and fix holes.
Prof Collins said: "This has huge ramifications "We need to find out the process which help bind together the gases so quickly, if we can, it could help us to bind together gases and materials.
When dug in it will improve a clay soil by helping to bind together the small soil particles, and help with moisture retention in light, free-draining soils.
This compound is mixed with a quantity of a particle binding agent that causes a portion of the particles to bind together.
To ensure that the DNA would spontaneously fold into the desired structure, Scripps team member William Shih first used computer software to come up with stretches of unique sequences of nucleotides, or DNA building blocks, that would bind together to form each strut.
While protein structure seems to be well-established, the way proteins stick or bind together has been a point of contention and discovery.