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Suppose that Marija could get a job in the big mill where they made binder twine--then they would move into this neighborhood, and he would really have a chance.
In the hot, blazing sun, he could shock wheat behind Martin, who sat on the binder and cut the beautiful swaying gold.
Swathe after swathe fell to the ground in a straight line behind them, and the binders bound them in bands of twisted straw.
The reaping-machine left the fallen corn behind it in little heaps, each heap being of the quantity for a sheaf; and upon these the active binders in the rear laid their hands--mainly women, but some of them men in print shirts, and trousers supported round their waists by leather straps, rendering useless the two buttons behind, which twinkled and bristled with sunbeams at every movement of each wearer, as if they were a pair of eyes in the small of his back.
But those of the other sex were the most interesting of this company of binders, by reason of the charm which is acquired by woman when she becomes part and parcel of outdoor nature, and is not merely an object set down therein as at ordinary times.
Wang, "Molecular dynamics study of oxidative aging effect on asphalt binder properties," Fuel, vol.
Following are some tips for buying, wearing, and caring for a binder.
The accused, 35- year- old divorcee Binder Kaur, married Labh Singh alias Rajinder Nangal Sohal, a singer, in 2006 and settled down with him in Talwandi Khurd village of Ladhowal area of Ludhiana.
A new /00% acrylic binder was developed to accommodate the increasingly broad range of exterior new build and repaint substrates and to be delivered with high so/ids to offer the paint formulator added flexibility without losing TiO2 efficiency.
Several years of extensive research and development are said to have gone into developing a performance grade polymer compound that meets and exceeds certain industry classifications for binder designs utilized in pavement preservation applications.