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n. pl. bin·dis
1. An ornamental dot traditionally worn by Hindu women in the middle of the forehead or between the eyebrows, made of colored sandalwood paste, kohl, or other pigment and having varying religious and social significance, as in indicating marital status.
2. A small body adornment, often a colored or jeweled sticker, worn on various parts of the face and body.

[Hindi bindī, from Middle Indic biṃdu, drop, spot, from Sanskrit binduḥ; perhaps akin to induḥ, drop.]


(ˈbɪndɪ) or


(Anthropology & Ethnology) a decorative dot worn in the middle of the forehead, esp by Hindu women
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Prakash, "Sero-Prevalence and Risk Factors associated with Visceral Leishmaniasis in Bindhi Village of Dhanusha district, Nepal," Asian Pacific Journal of Health Science, vol.
Tao (Tao Zhao), a young performer at the park, strolls through its dressing rooms, decked out in a bright green sari, gold nose chain, and bindhi, yelling for a band-aid.
I saw a beautiful caramel coloured girl with a shorn head, and a bindhi in the middle of her forehead, perfectly made up and really feminine.
The main course included king prawn Manchurian massala, chicken handi, lamb rogan josh, malai kofta and was accompanied by Bombay aloo, mushroom rice, tarka dhal, bindhi bhajee, chunky chips, rotis and peshwari naan.
Other words queueing up to join the 145,000 current listing include superwaif, fashion icon and bindhi (a stick-on face jewel).
Other words queuing up to join the 145,000 listing include superwaif, fashion icon and bindhi (a stick-on face jewel).