Binding post

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Bind´ing post`

1.(Elec.) A metallic post attached to electrical apparatus for convenience in making connections.
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All belt loops and pouches are secured using military-grade stainless steel Phillips-head screws and binding posts to join the individual pieces.
The LAEAW is Leviton's new Indoor/Outdoor All Weather Loudspeaker, featuring gold-plated binding posts that are ideal for outdoor, utility, commercial, indoor pool, atrium, and other large space applications.
C uses black oxide Chicago screws and slotted binding posts combined with A-grade rivets in every holster and accessory.
The award-winning eloquence 250i embodies features common-place in pre and power amplifiers such as high power output, multiple power supplies, balanced inputs, high quality binding posts and substantial heat sinking.
Made of tin plated brass and a zinc plated screw, these new screw terminal binding posts are supplied assembled or unassembled.
Always put a drip loop in the field wire before connecting the wire to the binding posts.
Five-way binding posts replace spring-loaded clips for the speaker wires.
These binding posts are marked "check A" and "check B," respectively.
Conventional side wiring provides contact between the binding posts and the metal contact plate, and therefore, reduced conductivity.
Integrated Single Sided Silver Binding Posts - High quality binding posts (terminals) are located on one side of the speakers for greater installation flexibility.
It provides two pairs of heavy-duty speaker binding posts with Mark Levinson s characteristic hurricane knobs that facilitate secure speaker-cable tightening without the use of any tools.
Theos features a fully passive woofer in a bass reflex design and custom bi-wire capable binding posts giving audio enthusiasts the highest level of flexibility in amplifier selection and connectivity-from single wired solid state systems to vertical or horizontal bi-amplified tube installations.