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Noun1.binful - the quantity contained in a binbinful - the quantity contained in a bin  
containerful - the quantity that a container will hold
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"Two things to do," says Rattray - "I don't care which." He strode across the cellar and pulled at the one full bin; something slid out, it was a binful of empty bottles, and this time they were allowed to crash upon the floor; the squire stood pointing to a manhole at the back of the bin.
The grain fills my (four by six by 16-foot) bin and a binful lasts all year."
His message was to be found at the bottom of another binful of Vlad's verbiage but it was significant.
Also how long will it take the removal teams to collect two-and-a-half bins (or rather one binful and umpteen bags) from each house?
The Envirotec line starts with a binful of shredded WEEE plastic with more than 50% contamination from nonferrous metals, glass, stones, urethane foam, etc.