bulimia nervosa

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bulimia ner·vo·sa


[New Latin būlīmia nervōsa : būlīmia, bulimia + nervōsa, feminine of nervōsus, nervous.]
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Rapid weight loss, a body mass index<75% of expected body weight, and binge eating and purging several times a day need urgent referral to specialist mental health services for children and young people.
LGBT people are at higher risk of binge eating and purging than their heterosexual cisgender peers, beginning as young as l2 years old.
Bulimia nervosa is characterised by binge eating and purging, typically by vomiting, taking a laxative or a diuretic.
The researchers noted that the risk factors for the development of binge eating and purging differ by sex and age group in females and that maternal history of an eating disorder is a risk factor only in younger teenaged girls.
Participants were classified as having bulimia nervosa (BN) ([greater than or equal to] weekly binge eating and purging), binge eating disorder (BED) ([greater than or equal to] weekly binge eating, infrequent purging), purging disorder (PD) ([greater than or equal to] weekly purging, infrequent binge eating), other EDNOS (binge eating and/or purging monthly), or nondisordered.
A trigger for bulimia would be anything that prompts or maintains binge eating and purging (Wasson, 2003); a substance abuse trigger is any situation that increases the urge to use a substance (Hester & Miller).
"The goals of CBT are first to have the patient become his or her own detective and - via self-monitoring - start to understand their patterns of binge eating and purging and recognize and anticipate the cues (triggers) for their unhealthy behaviours," Bulik added.
Despite previous emphasis on the pathology of AN, the current findings suggest that dancers frequently engage in binge eating and purging behaviors.
In some cases, binge eating and purging occur periodically.