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n. & v. Chiefly British
Variant of luster.


(ˈlʌstə) or


1. reflected light; sheen; gloss
2. radiance or brilliance of light
3. great splendour of accomplishment, beauty, etc
4. a substance used to polish or put a gloss on a surface
5. a vase or chandelier from which hang cut-glass drops
6. a drop-shaped piece of cut glass or crystal used as a decoration on a chandelier, vase, etc
7. (Ceramics)
a. a shiny metallic surface on some pottery and porcelain
b. (as modifier): lustre decoration.
8. (Geological Science) mineralogy the way in which light is reflected from the surface of a mineral. It is one of the properties by which minerals are defined
to make, be, or become lustrous
[C16: from Old French, from Old Italian lustro, from Latin lustrāre to make bright; related to lustrum]
ˈlustreless, ˈlusterless adj
ˈlustrous adj


(ˈlʌs tər)
1. the state or quality of shining by reflecting light: the luster of satin.
2. a substance, as a coating or polish, used to impart sheen or gloss.
3. radiant or luminous brightness; brilliance.
4. radiance of beauty, excellence, distinction, or glory: achievements that add luster to one's name.
5. a shining ornament, as a cut-glass pendant.
6. a chandelier, candleholder, etc., ornamented with cut-glass pendants.
7. any fabric with a lustrous finish.
8. an iridescent metallic film produced on the surface of a ceramic glaze.
9. the nature of a mineral surface with respect to its reflective qualities.
10. to finish (fur, cloth, pottery, etc.) with a luster or gloss.
[1515–25; < Middle French lustre < Italian lustro, derivative of lustrare to polish, purify < Latin lūstrāre to purify ceremonially]
lus′ter•less, adj.


(ˈlʌs tər)

[1375–1425; lustre < Latin]

lustrum, luster, lustre

a period of five years.
See also: Calendar


Past participle: lustred
Gerund: lustring

I lustre
you lustre
he/she/it lustres
we lustre
you lustre
they lustre
I lustred
you lustred
he/she/it lustred
we lustred
you lustred
they lustred
Present Continuous
I am lustring
you are lustring
he/she/it is lustring
we are lustring
you are lustring
they are lustring
Present Perfect
I have lustred
you have lustred
he/she/it has lustred
we have lustred
you have lustred
they have lustred
Past Continuous
I was lustring
you were lustring
he/she/it was lustring
we were lustring
you were lustring
they were lustring
Past Perfect
I had lustred
you had lustred
he/she/it had lustred
we had lustred
you had lustred
they had lustred
I will lustre
you will lustre
he/she/it will lustre
we will lustre
you will lustre
they will lustre
Future Perfect
I will have lustred
you will have lustred
he/she/it will have lustred
we will have lustred
you will have lustred
they will have lustred
Future Continuous
I will be lustring
you will be lustring
he/she/it will be lustring
we will be lustring
you will be lustring
they will be lustring
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been lustring
you have been lustring
he/she/it has been lustring
we have been lustring
you have been lustring
they have been lustring
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been lustring
you will have been lustring
he/she/it will have been lustring
we will have been lustring
you will have been lustring
they will have been lustring
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been lustring
you had been lustring
he/she/it had been lustring
we had been lustring
you had been lustring
they had been lustring
I would lustre
you would lustre
he/she/it would lustre
we would lustre
you would lustre
they would lustre
Past Conditional
I would have lustred
you would have lustred
he/she/it would have lustred
we would have lustred
you would have lustred
they would have lustred
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.lustre - a surface coating for ceramics or porcelain
glaze - a coating for ceramics, metal, etc.
2.lustre - a quality that outshines the usuallustre - a quality that outshines the usual  
brightness - the location of a visual perception along a continuum from black to white
3.lustre - the visual property of something that shines with reflected light
radiancy, refulgence, refulgency, shine, effulgence, radiance - the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light


1. sparkle, shine, glow, glitter, dazzle, gleam, gloss, brilliance, sheen, shimmer, glint, brightness, radiance, burnish, resplendence, lambency, luminousness Gold retains its lustre for far longer than other metals.
2. excitement, kick (informal), pleasure, thrill, sensation, tingle Is your relationship starting to lose its lustre?
3. glory, honour, fame, distinction, prestige, renown, illustriousness The team is relying too much on names that have lost their lustre.
لَمَعان، بَريق
ljómi, gljái


luster (US) [ˈlʌstəʳ] Nlustre m, brillo m


[ˈlʌstər] (British) luster (US) nlustre m, brillant m


, (US) luster
Schimmer m, → schimmernder Glanz; (in eyes) → Glanz m
(fig)Glanz m, → Ruhm m


lus£ter (Am) [ˈlʌstəʳ] nlustro, splendore m


(American) luster (ˈlastə) noun
shininess or brightness. Her hair had a brilliant lustre.
ˈlustrous (-trəs) adjective
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