binocular vision

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Noun1.binocular vision - vision involving the use of both eyesbinocular vision - vision involving the use of both eyes
visual modality, visual sense, vision, sight - the ability to see; the visual faculty
stereoscopic vision, stereoscopy - three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina
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A latent deviation, or heterophoria, is only exists after binocular vision has been impeded, characteristically by closure one eye.
Read and other scientists suspected that mantises have binocular vision.
In the binocular vision simulation system, two cameras that have the same intrinsic parameters are arranged in a line, their focal length is identical and the two retinal planes are the same.
It is the highest form of binocular vision and important for some professions such as pilots and ophthalmic surgeons who need high degree of hand- eye coordination.
Argumentation about the discordance of binocular vision and monocular vision.
Edith Pearlman has been publishing award-winning stories since the late 1970s, but became more widely known in 2012, when her story collection Binocular Vision won both the PEN/Malamud and National Book Critics Circle awards and was a finalist for numerous others.
The loss of sight in my left eye would have meant the loss of binocular vision and depth perception leading to my inability to accurately hit a ball with a racquet or club.
IfADo researchers found link between binocular vision and more efficient text processing.
4) To find prevalence of Binocular vision anomalies.
A vet talking about it said horses' binocular vision isn't good and they don't see them very well.
When a chameleon faces an object of interest, its eyes both swivel onto it, giving the reptile good binocular vision and depth perception for capturing prey.