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A container or enclosed space for storage.
tr.v. binned, bin·ning, bins
To place or store in a bin.

[Middle English binne, from Old English, from a West Germanic word meaning "wicker basket," from Gaulish benna, two-wheeled wagon with a woven basket; akin to Welsh ben, cart; see bhendh- in Indo-European roots.]


pl n
dialect Northern English a pair of glasses
References in classic literature ?
I'm getting into practice, child, and tomorrow I shall fill more bins than all of you put together.
The bins themselves lined but two of the walls, and most of them were covered in with cobwebs, close-drawn like mosquito-curtains.
She soon decided to make Uncle Henry the Keeper of the Jewels, for some one really was needed to count and look after the bins and barrels of emeralds, diamonds, rubies and other precious stones that were in the Royal Storehouses.
itt bin that hur lashipp prevent mee; for to bee sur, Sir, you nose
He used to go with his father into the harness-room, where the corn was kept, and I could see them, when the door stood ajar, fill a little bag with oats out of the bin, and then he used to be off.
Snodgrass followed his example, the horse dashed the four--wheeled chaise against a wooden bridge, separated the wheels from the body, and the bin from the perch; and finally stood stock still to gaze upon the ruin he had made.