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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: lab - a laboratory for biological researchbio lab - a laboratory for biological research
lab, laboratory, research lab, research laboratory, science lab, science laboratory - a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
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The secretary was also updated about Pakistan's first mobile bio lab, where the VU students could get hands-on experience of Life Science's projects.
He was also updated about the Pakistan's first mobile bio lab where students of VU can get hands on experience of Life Science's projects.
Varianz Bio Lab S.A.S, a wholly owned subsidiary of Varianz Corp.
The Montgomery County Economic Development Corp.'s new Bio Lab Pilot project will provide $10 per square foot of wet lab fit-out costs, up to $30,000, to cmpanies that agree to be headquartered in Montgomery County for three years and lease 5,000 square feet or less of wet lab space.
Qureshi Paramount Pharmaceuticals, Fazal-e-Hanan Focus and Rules, M Shamim Khan Amson Pharmaceuticals, Usman Bio Lab, Tipu Sultan Wilson Group and others were in the delegation.
A bio lab. The construction of these educational facilities follows the standard design model for schools, comprising facilities such as science, language and IT laboratories, sports and art halls, multipurpose halls, gymnasiums, libraries and classrooms in addition to outdoor spaces with shaded parking spaces, playgrounds and service buildings.
The fee includes the Beacon 42 and Bio Lab Road ramps on the west side of Mosquito Lagoon.
"I got the email this morning that my professor wasn't feeling well and my bio lab was canceled, so I had the afternoon to go look around.
Info2cell, a Dubai-based mobile apps and content specialist, is expanding the reach of its free medical 'Bio Lab' mobile applications for the region's smartphone users after signing two additional contracts in Egypt.
When it came time for Perry's procedure - the first Jones, a longtime orthopedic surgeon, had performed - Jones took two teaspoons of fatty tissue from the governor's hip and put it into culture, then waited several weeks as the stem cells expanded in the Sugar Land RNL BIO lab. During the subsequent surgery, Jones injected the governor's stem cells into his spine and also into his blood stream, with the intention of speeding the healing process.