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or bi·o·bib·li·og·ra·phy (bī′ō-bĭb′lē-ŏg′rə-fē)
n. pl. bi·o-bib·li·og·ra·phies or bi·o·bib·li·og·ra·phies
A book or article combining an account of a person's life with a discussion of works written by or about that person.
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The first section provides entries on printing and bibliographic studies, such as descriptive bibliographies, bio-bibliographies, and archival and library resources.
Baldauf-Berdes Archive, concluding with a Venetian calendar for musicians in 1770 and bio-bibliographies for the composers, teachers, and students of the Ospedali.
On a aussi ecrit sur le pere Lacroix : les hommages et les temoignages se sont succede, differentes bio-bibliographies offrent un bon tour d'horizon de son oeuvre.
Laurie Sampsel's Music Research: A Handbook is unique in that, unlike so many excellent recent bio-bibliographies and "guides to research" that now grace the shelves of music libraries everywhere, her book is designed for practical, in-classroom use.
Le propos du present article se rapporte aux quelque 650 bio-bibliographies d'auteurs canadiens de langue francaise produites comme travaux de fin d'etudes par les etudiants de l'Ecole de bibliothecaires de l'Universite de Montreal, de la creation de cette Ecole a sa fermeture, soit de 1938 a 1962.
They consist of a hundred-page introduction, thirty-one sections of anthology proper, followed by bio-bibliographies, and a useful set of indices (including as well as the full one of names, separate ones of excerpted authors, also according to region).
Perone has written on music of the Vietnam conflict, the counterculture era, and Woodstock, as well as authoring a number of bibliographies, including five titles in Greenwood Press's Bio-bibliographies in Music series.
Biographical information is drawn from an extensive list of some 120 sources, including discipline-specific dictionaries and encyclopedias, bio-bibliographies, handbooks, journals, and yearbooks.
His work includes bio-bibliographies of Arthur Bliss (1988), Richard Rodney Bennett (1989), and John McCabe (1991), all published by Greenwood Press; two books on William Walton (William Walton: A Thematic Catalogue, rev.
All the entries in the book are numbered consecutively (in contrast to the letter-and-number systems used in the Bio-bibliographies in Music series of Greenwood Press), making index entries anti cross-references easy to find.
Greenwood Press's series of composer bio-bibliographies continues to be a valuable resource for research on American music.
McTyre usefully includes author-title lists of the contents of several notable series: Bio-bibliographies in Music (Greenwood Press), Composer Resource Manuals (Garland Publications), Cambridge Opera Handbooks (Cambridge University Press), and English National Opera Guides (John Calder).