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or bi·o·bib·li·og·ra·phy (bī′ō-bĭb′lē-ŏg′rə-fē)
n. pl. bi·o-bib·li·og·ra·phies or bi·o·bib·li·og·ra·phies
A book or article combining an account of a person's life with a discussion of works written by or about that person.
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Their struggles are not surprising, for there is a distinct lack of written material about him; these works include only one interview, two books with essays he wrote, and a bio-bibliography written by a former student.
Impressed by Shatner's prolific career as an actor, director, and writer, he summarized nearly 1,000 of his credits in "William Shatner: A Bio-Bibliography," a reference book in Greenwood's Performing Arts Series (1994).
They cover the history of philosophy and the persona of the philosopher; encyclopedic, historical, and moral biography; bio-bibliography and cultural history: the history of a cultural movement, bio-bibliography and cultural history: nationalism and apologetics; philosophy and religious didacticism; philosophizing and the persona of the philosopher; and philosophical biography and the history of philosophy.
It is also an original and frank memoir, structured as an enumerative bio-bibliography and "embellished with over 450 images and 65 recipes." Each of the forty-two chapters of the book focuses on one item printed by Rummonds and includes a publication history and a narrative about the author's life during the time he was publishing the item.
Chapter one's "The Life of the Legend: A Bio-bibliography," for example, frequently breaks down into mere lists of titles, and the plot summaries and analyses gathered in the following eight chapters are often no more than a few paragraphs for each text covered.
Ponce: A Bio-Bibliography: W194, W195, W196, W214, W219, W220, W221, W222.
After looking at what might interest a French readership, I decided on a bio-bibliography of Henri Kling, the most published hornist-composer-writer in history.
(4) Faucett's name is already well known to Chadwick scholars, as he authored two important reference works on the composer in the 1990s: a survey of his symphonic output that includes both compositional history, analysis, and reception history, and a bio-bibliography. (5) This new biography builds on and expands on the work of those earlier volumes, as well as Yellin's initial foray into chronicling the life of this essential figure.
Sampsel, Cyril Scott: A Bio-Bibliography [Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2000], 129).
The information in this checklist is indebted to the bibliographies in William Doering, Elliott Carter: A Bio-Bibliography (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993); David Schiff, The Music of Elliott Carter, 2nd ed.
Duckles Award for the best book-length bibliography or other research tool in music was awarded to Jerry McBride for his work Douglas Moore: a Bio-Bibliography (Middleton, Wisc.: A-R Editions, 2011).