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The accumulation of a substance, such as a toxic chemical, in various tissues of a living organism: the bioaccumulation of mercury in fish.

bi′o·ac·cu′mu·la′tive adj.
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Bioaccumulation of Norwalk Virus and Recombinant VLPs
Tokyo, Japan, Feb 23, 2006 - (JCN) - The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) announced on February 21 that its Research Institute for Environment Management Technology has developed a method to degrade perfluorooctanyl sulfonate (PFOS), a kind of organic fluoride compound that has high environmental persistence and bioaccumulation potential.
N-Spec[R] 50 has been tested in Scandinavia for aquatic toxicity, bio-degradation and bioaccumulation in marine environments.
Carla Ng, a chemical engineer at Northwestern University, used a new bioaccumulation model for PCBs in the fish because at this location there are only two invasive species of fish, the zebra mussel and round goby.
Environmental "weathering", and bioaccumulation effects, dictate that polychlorinated biphenyls now be reported as congeners, rather than as the original commercial mixes (e.g., Aroclor[R], Clophen, Kaneclor, Phenoclor).
It examines the identity and origin of chemicals in pulp mill effluents, environmental fate of chemicals from pulp and paper mills, bioaccumulation of substances from pulp mills to fish and wildlife, field and laboratory studies of biochemical and whole organism responses associated with pulp and paper effluents, integrated monitoring and future research, and policy directions of this rapidly evolving field.
The petition says, 'There is clear and accepted evidence of bioaccumulation of tritium in the Severn Estuary, an area covered by a Habitats Directive.
Certain chemicals affect living organisms through the process of bioaccumulation, which is the increase over time in a chemical's concentration in a biological organism compared to the chemical's concentration in the environment.
Concentrating fish into meal further accelerates the bioaccumulation process.
One, does the basic concept of bioaccumulation not mean anything when proponents talk about foods containing genes for pesticides?
This movie is an antidote to all of the numbing news about toxic chemical exposure, bioaccumulation and persistent organic pollution," said Helfand, in town to introduce and discuss the film that she appears in and co-directed.