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n. pl. bi·o·coe·no·ses (-sēz) Chiefly British
Variant of biocenosis.


(ˌbaɪəʊsɪˈnəʊsɪs) or


(Biology) a diverse community inhabiting a single biotope
ˌbiocoeˈnotic, ˌbioceˈnotic adj
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According to biocenotic characteristics, opisthorchiasis foci in this region can be referred to the floodplain-river related to the Ural River basin and its tributaries and oxbows.
The temperature of the air is a very important factor in the determinism biocenotic also by its extreme levels than its diurnal or seasonal variations [4].
In this work, an ecotoxicological aspect is highlighted by a comparative study of the active effect of Lambdacyhalothrin and spinosad on different trophic groups, as well as their biocenotic recovery after treatment in an orchard of citrus in the Central Mitidja.