(ˌbaɪ oʊˈsɛn trɪk)

centered in life; having life as its principal fact.
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(195) Interestingly, this separateness imbues the system with our biocentric view the system is striving to survive as the components of complexification are realized by the forces and mechanisms proposed; and at the most fundamental level survival is revealed to be precisely synonymous with maintaining complexity at a level permitted by the environment.
It makes the case for a posthumanist ethics that draws on work done in coevolutionary neo-Darwinism, biocentric ethics, animal umwelt phenomenology, and non-anthropocentric animal ethics.
The rhenium silver color originates from PPG's "Biocentric" color-story trend palette, a theme of PPG's "Kulture" collection for 2020 automotive models.
We should always define missio Dei as the sending of God on a two-way street; this sending does not have an anthropocentric focus, but a biocentric one.
Although Coyne acknowledges challenges and questions for these views, he suggests that Jonas's ideas might ground an ontology in which every living thing has 'a good of its own', which corresponds with Paul Taylor's (1986) biocentric ethic.
Gates, paraphrasing Janis Birkeland, stresses "the necessity for social transformation by moving beyond power politics and an equivalent necessity for less 'management' of the appreciation of the intrinsic value of everything in nature--a biocentric rather than an anthropocentric viewpoint; and end to dualisms like male/female, thought/action, and spiritual/natural." (7) A biocentric view would displace both anthropocentric and andropocentric dominance when humans reevaluate their position vis-a-vis nature as seriously as they did at the end of the nineteenth century when Darwin exposed their primate origins.
Given that many scientists now hypothesize that the entire universe (not just human civilization) is teeming with communication, the biocentric aspects of Serres's elaborate communicative paradigm will ensure the future relevance of his theories about information in general.
A rapid HIV serological test (Alere Determine[TM] HIV-1/2, Alere Inc, USA) was negative; RNA HIV-1 viral load (Generic HIV Charge Virale, Biocentric, Bandol, France) was undetectable, and CD4 count (Alere Pima[TM] CD4, Ireland) was 126 cells/[mm.sup.3].
It is important to note that despite the fact that both Ubuntu and Ujamaa recognize the spiritual essence of all existents (humans and non-humans alike) they, like the Western ontology, lack essential structural orientation which can support either biocentric or ecocentric ethics; that is to say, their ontological orientations can only support anthropocentrism.
The near-universal failure of this biocentric, protectionist paradigm, which discounts human development concerns, (Kareiva, Lalasz, and Marvier 2011) yields an adversarial discourse that I have found to unproductively reify students' understandings of "nature" and "the environment" as bounded categories (Dowie 2011).
One of the more important contributing factors for engagement is whether an individual holds an anthropocentric or a biocentric worldview.