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A chemical agent, such as a pesticide, that is capable of destroying living organisms.

bi′o·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.


(Biology) a chemical, such as a pesticide, capable of killing living organisms
ˌbioˈcidal adj


(ˈbaɪ əˌsaɪd)

any chemical that destroys life by poisoning, esp. a pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide.
bi`o•cid′al, adj.
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Invitation to tender: Classification and labeling of biocidal and phytosanitary products
EuOTA was formed to work under the required regulations of the European Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR) EU 528/2012 BPR, where ozone is now regulated as an "active substance.
As of September 2015, a biocidal produce cannot be made available on the European Union market unless either the substance supplier or the product supplier is included in the European Chemicals Agency's Article 95 list for the product type to which the product belongs.
According to Article 15 of the REACH Regulation, biocidal active substances manufactured or imported for use in biocidal products only, placed on the EU market and supported within the Biocidal Products Regulation EU 528/2012, shall be regarded as being registered and the registration as completed for manufacture or import for use in those biocidal products," Betancur and Watt noted.
NASDAQ: NEOG) has acquired UK-based food processing biocidal hygiene products maker Quat-Chem Ltd, the company said.
Quat-Chem Ltd specialises in preventive hygiene technologies and the manufacture of biocidal raw materials and disinfectants.
In washroom cubicles, Genesis' Biosan antimicrobial range provides biocidal protection to users of feminine hygiene units through a combination of its patented vapour technology and the only active ingredient to be registered under the European Biocidal Products Directive.
Aside from REACH, our marine coatings members are under threat from the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), another piece of EU legislation.
developed an antibacterial nanofiber with an intrinsic antibacterial property without a biocidal additive.
SPAIN: Corbion has announced that a second production plant for L-lactic acid received approved supplier status under the Biocidal Products Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 (BPR), and as such, products can be used in biocidal products.
The scheme developed by AkzoNobel, a leading global paints and coatings company and the Gold Standard Foundation, which sets the standard for creating high-quality emission reductions, is based on ship owners converting existing vessels from a biocidal antifouling system to a premium, biocide-free advanced hull coating.
The methodology is based on ship owners and operators converting existing vessels from a biocidal antifouling system to the premium, biocide-free advanced hull coating Intersleek.