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free from harmful bacteria


(ˈbaɪ oʊˌklin)

free or almost free from harmful microorganisms.
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Jack Connor and his Palmetto BioClean crew have been called to clean up the scene of an apparent, and very bloody, suicide in room 1701 of a local hotel.
TerraRacks with Rainin BioClean tips are available for both universal-fit pipettes and those equipped with the LTS LiteTouch System.
The tips are BioClean, which means they are rigorously tested an.
The company being an established fresh fruit specialist with clients in over 50 countries embarked on a research project in partnership a number of partners: the GOGO group its primary South African citrus supplier; Han Maathuis of BioClean a company devoted to hygiene optimisation in critical business processes; and Rene Besteman of Besteman Techno Support a company which specialises in low volume mist installations and which has designed a highly effective nozzle to facilitate the application process.
Briefly, randomly chosen mice were placed in a BioClean exposure chamber (DuoFlo, model H 5500; Lab Products Inc.
Anachem provides complete sales and service support for Rainin pipettes plus the full offering of Rainin high quality Bioclean pipette tips.
Used as a ventilation room, moreover, the bioclean module provides the barrier protection required in BSL applications.
Apex North America and Satin Stone Graphics have joined forces to bring BioClean anilox roll cleaning liquids to market.
The story of Bioclean is quite different from that of Greenway and provides a clear example of the pitfalls of misfit between the strategy and the top management team.
BILLING CLERK, THE, Dilloware, LID BIMINI[TM], Werner Woods BIOCLEAN, Natural Chemistry, Inc.
The BioClean consists of a frame and two screen sections which are easily engaged for use and just as easily disengaged for thorough cleaning and sterilizing.
Objective: BIOCLEAN addresses the urgent need to create a sustainable training network across academia, industry and the healthcare sector which will fill the gap in Europe and beyond to produce highly skilled multi-disciplinary young scientists competent in chemistry, engineering and experimental wet lab biology.