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Noun1.biodefence - procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using biological agentsbiodefence - procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using biological agents
defense, defensive measure, defence - (military) military action or resources protecting a country against potential enemies; "they died in the defense of Stalingrad"; "they were developed for the defense program"
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He has a track record of success through all stages of product discovery and development leading to registration, and has provided expert advice to industry, government and non-governmental organisations on vaccines, vaccination and public health issues, including biodefence. Presently, he is a non-executive director of the Vaccines Manufacturing & Innovation Centre.
Such a policy should include lower business taxes, more funding for basic research and development, higher investment in talent development, and federal support for a series of "moonshot" programmes in areas like biodefence systems, threat detection networks, and a distributed electric grid.
Troops in North Korea are vaccinated against smallpox, it added, "suggesting either an interest in an offensive biological weapons programme or a biodefence precaution".
"To argue that the 2014 West Africa epidemic took the scientific world by surprise is a deliberate effort to exonerate and extricate the role of biodefence funding and Western medical research from creating both the conditions for the epidemiological outbreak and simultaneously condoning its widespread transition."
While the GM tended to turn to experts (infectious disease specialist, economist, biodefence employee, etc.) in reaction to a WHO report or a politician's statement, the Vanguard quoted more diverse community members as part of its outreach (religious and political leaders, merchants, workers' unions, aid agencies, citizens, etc.)
The field of microfluidics has four parents: molecular analysis, biodefence, molecular biology and microelectronics.
Benecke, "Facility location and multi-modality mass dispensing strategies and emergency response for biodefence and infectious disease outbreaks," International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management, vol.
AMERICAN BIODEFENCE: How Dangerous Ideas about Biological Weapons Shape National Security
Several vaccines are ready for clinical trials; a number of treatments including ZMapp, a combination of monoclonal antibodies developed by a pharmaceutical and a biodefence company, and RNA interference agents--are also ready for trial.
The transaction will speed up Emergent's expansion by boosting its biodefence offering and by adding fill or finish, manufacturing capabilities to its portfolio, the buyer's CEO, Daniel Abdun-Nabi, said in a statement.
This review will assess the impact of these technologies on the ability to assess the host response and how this has been applied to help progress the development of vaccines and immunotherapies against biodefence agents described in the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) Select Agent list (