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 (bī′ō-dī-năm′ĭks, -dĭ-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. The scientific study of the effects of dynamic processes, such as motion or acceleration, on living organisms.
a. The holistic study of the vital force or energy of living matter and physiological processes.
b. A holistic method of organic gardening and crop cultivation in which certain factors, such as planetary and seasonal cycles, are considered.

bi′o·dy·nam′ic adj.


[ˈbaɪəʊdaɪˈnæmɪk] ADJbiodinámico
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Like ChAaAaAeActeau de Pommard, most of the wineries Pignal has worked focus on a biodynamic approach.
Indeed, what makes a product or company sustainable, or its products organic or biodynamic, has been difficult to lock down.
Flavours include: First Flush Darjeeling (organic and biodynamic Darjeeling black tea from the Ambootia Tea Garden in India); First Flush Gyokuro (organic Gyokuro green tea from the Yamaguchi Tea Estate in Japan); and Armenian Mint (organic Peppermint tea harvested from Central Europe and the Mediterranean Basin).
Through biodynamic farming, she sees soil, seed, plant, farmer, consumer, and even the moon working in harmony for good.
Certified organic and Biodynamic winegrowing are separate systems that use independent third-party organizations to verify members are following prescribed farming practices.
Unique among the other methods discussed here, biodynamic growing is as much a philosophy as it is a growing style.
Humus creation is one of the desired effects - possibly the most important one - of biodynamic agriculture, which seeks to achieve optimum soil fertility through exclusively natural methods with the aim of growing superior, flavorful and nutritious produce without any chemical input.
Investment in new technology to extend the shelf life of biodynamic dairy products will boost market access for an Adelaide Hills company and create 13 jobs in the region.
Total space of land cultivated through biodynamic methods in Egypt is 7,000 feddans
An octogenarian biodynamic farmer battles bureaucracy in his quest to preserve Danish Red dairy cattle, and to practice crop and animal husbandry in a respectful manner, in director Phie Ambo's inspiring, good-looking observational documentary "Good Things Await.
QI have recently heard about biodynamic gardening and gardening by the moon for improved gardening results naturally.
The interesting thing about Farmer Angus is that he uses biodynamic principles to raise cattle, sheep, laying hens and broiler chickens as well as to grow vegetables, animal feed and vines on the 54 hectares of farmland that he leases from Spier, which is itself known for its sustainability work.

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